Decided to put my archive and crew on one site, and turn it into a more general site so I can add downloads and anything else not in those two categories.

If you're here for the Autobreeder, it's not ready yet. 🙁 It is, but the conversion tutorial still needs to be written out correctly and tested a last time, which I haven't made time for yet. If you have the resolution 1920x1080 I might be willing to give you a pre-release but I don't have the will/energy to walk you through more than the currently messy guide I have written up.


28 July 18
You probably wandered over here from the dinosaurs. Well get back over there because nothing else is done.
4 July 18
No way that's gonna happen.

17 June 18
I better get this done by the end of summer...

28 May 18
Oh wow it's still not done.

30 April 18
It is.

26 April 18
I hope making this site doesn't take too long.
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